alternative high school

Benefits of an Alternative School

Fully Individualized Attention at an Alternative School

At a traditional American high school, the average class size is over 24 students. Even the best teachers struggle to help each child fully understand every concept. When those students need emotional support, educators are spread even thinner. If your son needs one-on-one attention for academics or behavioral healthcare, an alternative school may be the answer.

Alternative programs provide the opportunity for fully individualized care. At an alternative school, each student undergoes an academic assessment upon enrollment. In addition, he receives a treatment plan tailored to his specific needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to sobriety. Alternative high schools provide the chance for teens to receive the specialized care required for full recovery and academic success.

Addressing Challenging Behavior

Teenagers are at a difficult stage in life. While younger students may go along with what parents and teachers say without question, teens often respond defiantly. This pattern of behavior may result in poor academic performance, ineffective discipline and eventual expulsion.

At an alternative school, educators are able to address challenging behavior one-on-one, maintaining institutional norms and fully explaining rules. This provides an opportunity to help rebellious teens to understand what is expected of them in the “real world,” and why following those rules is truly important.

Improved Understanding

Often, teens act out because they feel misunderstood. When bad things happen, they hesitate to talk to their parents – they don’t want to risk getting in trouble. This is especially common among teenage boys, who may struggle to open up and discuss their emotions.

An alternative school has the time, training and bandwidth to address trauma, mental illness and other issues. During his stay, your son will learn an array of helpful communication tools and coping mechanisms. Because he will be surrounded by addiction specialists and mental health professionals, he will be able to address the root of his substance use and other negative behaviors.

Reduced Dropout Rate

There is a vast body of research on the subject of alternative schools. To summarize, these programs:

  • Reduce truancy,
  • Improve attitudes about school,
  • Are successful in helping teens accumulate high school credits,
  • Reduce behavioral problems and
  • Help to prevent students from dropping out.

Prioritizing Recovery

At a typical high school, the focus is on education alone. When your son is struggling with alcohol or drug use, he needs to enter a program dedicated to the goal of recovery.

Alternative schools combine academics and clinical care. They help students to advance – outcomes show that teens raise a full grade level during their stays at these institutions. But even more importantly, they are able to break the cycle of addiction. Such programs educate teens about the consequences of substance abuse and provides a roadmap to a better future.

Nashville Alternative School for Addiction Recovery

At ARCH Academy, we strive to make a difference in the lives of teenage boys. When your son walks through our doors, he will enter a home-like setting which prioritizes his recovery, emotional well-being and academic success. Through a combination of caring clinicians and sophisticated methods, we provide a new path for at-risk youth.

If your son has developed a drinking or drug problem, help is available. Contact our admissions office to learn more about your options.