When parents make the decision to seek treatment, the question of “What about academics?” may arise. Rest assured that your young man will continue to receive education if he enrolls in ARCH Academy. We are dedicated to providing an environment that promotes academic growth. Our educational department ensures that each teen who enrolls in our treatment program receives personalized care and academic support tailored to their grade level.


We operate a fully accredited nonpublic high school just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Our programs range from grades 8 through 12 and include credit recovery, the opportunity to work ahead when possible, as well as follow-up academic placement.

personal attention

Our academic coordinator works directly with each family to provide support and guidance throughout the treatment process. Parents are able to track their son’s personal and academic progress during his stay through weekly progress reports.

support for graduation

ARCH Academy proudly celebrates graduations for those who finish high school while in treatment and meet the graduation requirements defined by the state of Tennessee. We also work in collaboration with collegiate recovery programs for our seniors, ensuring that sobriety and academic success are part of their future.

continuing education

ARCH Academy is an Educational Testing Service-approved HiSET testing site. HiSET is the Tennessee equivalent of the GED. In conjunction with Workforce Essentials Adult Education Center, ARCH offers prepared testing for young men who qualify. Upon discharge, in the event your son does not complete the HiSET Program while at ARCH, the academic coordinator will work with your family to locate an adult education site in your area.


Once your son arrives at ARCH Academy, our Academic Coordinator will work with his school to develop a plan that will maximize his educational experience. Additionally, all students receive a thorough needs assessment upon admission. This allows us to get a full picture of his grades, past assessment scores, and school history, which, in turn, opens up a variety of options and accommodations.


Our goal in the academic program is to keep your son on track academically. After our team evaluates his current situation, we will develop a personalized education plan. In some cases, he can remain enrolled in his current school, and in other cases, he can enroll directly at ARCH Academy. Enrolled students take classes on APEX Learning, and their coursework at ARCH will transfer to their future school. We offer all courses needed for a high school diploma. If your son in behind in required credits, we offer credit recovery as well.


We offer individualized education options for students with certified teachers who provide academic support. If your son is behind in credits toward graduation or has failed previous courses, we offer opportunities to make up classes with credit recovery. If he is close to high school graduation, we are an accredited school, and he may have the opportunity to graduate from ARCH Academy with his high school diploma. In other cases, we can help prepare your son for HiSET testing, which is Tennessee’s GED equivalent, or for ACT/SAT testing.

Enrichment & community service

If your son has completed high school, the focus will be on various experiential and enrichment activities that pair with our recovery teachings.


We’re serious about education. ARCH Academy strives to keep your son on track academically, while assuring that the primary focus remains on treating your child’s substance abuse issues. Contact our admissions team to learn more about our unique approach to teen recovery. For questions directly related to academics at ARCH Academy, please feel free to contact our Academic Coordinator at 615-353-4335 or

Thank you for everything. You really went above and beyond, helping our son.

ARCH Academy Family Member

We are very grateful for you in helping our son graduate. We didn’t think this day would ever come.

ARCH Academy Family Member

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