COVID-19 Policies at ARCH Academy
Coronavirus Update

Your son’s safety is our top priority. Read a message about COVID-19 from the Executive Director of ARCH Academy for more information about our precautions, policies and screenings.



These past several weeks have evolved to be some of the most challenging and anxiety provoking this country has experienced in recent memory. Those challenges will continue to present themselves in the days ahead. Here at ARCH Academy, we are adhering to the CDC recommendations pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our efforts are led by our Medical Director, Director of Nursing and the Leadership of Cumberland Heights. We are quick to adapt and are taking the needed precautions to protect our kids and staff. In making these adaptations, we are careful not to sacrifice providing quality addiction treatment. We have been able to harness the benefits of on-line interactive video technology to host our Family Intensive Program, conduct family sessions, provide virtual visitation, and conduct video speaker meetings featuring alumni from across the country. We have acknowledged that an ever-evolving change in our environment of care has the possibility of adding potential stress for our boys, so we have created a variety of activities to help engage and alleviate that stress such as additional ropes course activities and our version of March Madness (ARCH Madness) that included basketball, pool, ping-pong, frisbee disc golf and fishing competitions.

We at ARCH Academy recognize the real threat of COVID-19 and are dedicated to continuing our efforts in protecting our boys. We also acknowledge that addiction is a disease that claims too many young lives in our country and addressing this epidemic remains at the heart of ARCH Academy’s mission.

We are still accepting new admissions and are conducting COVID-19 screening on potential admits, whose participation in the program must be approved by our medical department.

Lastly, we want to express our gratitude, love and respect to our boys, their families and referents for trusting us during these difficult times. Personally, I would like to thank our dedicated staff who selflessly put their own stressors aside and are there to care for our kids. I want to express that same gratitude to staff at programs across the country providing similar care to struggling teens. It is my hope that we all continue to support each other and know that better days are to come. Keep the faith!


Dean Porterfield
Executive Director
ARCH Academy

ARCH demonstrated from Day 1 that a facility could operate effectively even during COVID. My son had a fever one night, and they called me several times a day to tell me how he was and called immediately when the negative COVID test came back. I was impressed with their caring and patience with me.

Parent of an ARCH Academy Alumnus

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