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With over 35 years of experience, ARCH Academy serves adolescent males ages 14-17 that have a primary substance abuse problem. Our specialty is helping teens to overcome addiction through individualized clinical care, family programming & support, academic advancement and adventure therapy.

Though a primary 12-step addiction program, we treat the whole child. Our comprehensive programming addresses addiction, underlying co-occurring mental health concerns, family difficulties, relational barriers and low academic confidence. When your son enrolls in ARCH Academy, he gains access to care that can change the course of his future. 


ARCH Academy understands that though substance abuse may be the catalyst for seeking treatment, there are common underlying mental health issues and stressors that need to be addressed once the brain starts to heal and the teen has been free from substances for a period of time. Our clinicians are trained to treat these common mental health issues. As part of our ongoing assessment, if we find your teen’s mental health issues need primary focus, the ARCH team will work with families to find the most appropriate next step.

Through a combination of individualized therapy, process groups, medication management and adventure-based programming, our residents are able to address any mental illness that may contribute to a pattern of substance abuse.

individualized care

The treatment team uses several modalities to engage  young men in treatment.  Each teen has an individualized treatment plan, daily group therapy & processing, family sessions, medication management if needed, adventure programming and experiential based interventions. A level system provides benchmarks of progress and rights of passage as the young men navigate our program.  Though we know that adolescents grow in groups, ARCH Academy understands that there is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to treatment.


We know what it takes to help teenagers recover. Our programming is designed with the unique needs of adolescent males in mind, resulting in an immersive, life-changing experience. ARCH Academy is not a cold, hospital-like setting; rather, we have created a clinically sophisticated treatment model that is comfortable and engaging for young adults. 

To learn more about our evidence-based approach to adolescent addiction treatment, please contact our admissions team.

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It was so encouraging to know that we are not alone. Even though each of our stories is different in terms of how we got to this place, we are all on this same journey of recovery.

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