Teen Mental Health

It can be difficult to see your son struggling with anxiety, depression, or another mental illness. Often, these conditions are at the heart of a substance use disorder. At ARCH Academy, our clinicians provide expert mental health care tailored to the needs of teens. 


The teenage years are a time of growth and transition. As your son progresses through his schooling, he is also learning to bond with others, overcome challenges and establish his own identity. Unfortunately, it is common for adolescents to begin experiencing depression at this life stage. 

When their child exhibits symptoms, parents may write off unwanted changes as teen angst. In reality, when your son begins to isolate himself, seem “down” more often or lose interest in beloved activities, it’s time to seek professional mental health care. At ARCH Academy, our staff are trained in helping your son to enhance his self-esteem, take control of his life and openly share his emotions without turning to harmful substances.


Anxiety is another mental health condition that has become common among young men – 20% of teenagers will be diagnosed with it at some point. While everyone gets nervous from time to time, the persistent worry associated with an anxiety disorder inhibits your child from functioning on a daily basis. 

The challenges of adolescence are intimidating, and when faced with the overwhelming combination of social interactions, academics, extracurriculars and college applications, some teens need a little extra help. ARCH Academy’s clinical staff provide support, proven therapies and medication management for teenage boys who are struggling with an anxiety disorder or past trauma.


If your son has a co-occurring mental health condition, we are here to help. ARCH Academy’s programming provides solutions for…

Mental illness and substance use disorder contribute to one another. For example, your son’s anxiety may push him to smoke marijuana, and continued marijuana use can make him more anxious.


Often, poor mental health is a key contributor to teen substance abuse. Young men who are constantly depressed, anxious or otherwise stressed may turn to drugs and alcohol in order to cope. They might seek to numb their symptoms or “escape” them altogether.

Mental health problems rarely just materialize out of nowhere. There are many warning signs that parents should watch out for, including:

If your son has begun to present with any of the above symptoms, we encourage you to intervene. When treated concurrently in an accredited facility, it is possible to effectively manage teen mental illness and substance use disorder.


At ARCH Academy, we understand how frightening it can be when your son begins to act differently. It is our goal to help your teen – to restore his confidence, break the cycle of addiction and equip him for the future. To learn more about our teen mental health programming in the heart of Tennessee, please contact us today.

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