Referring Professionals

We’re always here to help your clients!

When your adolescent client has a substance use/abuse disorder, be assured you have our trusted client privilege here at ARCH Academy. We’re a one-of-a-kind program committed to helping your adolescent clients find freedom from addiction and alcohol by offering the most comprehensive evidence-based treatment and recovery solutions available. Please feel free to contact our referring professional Amara below.

Who to Contact

Cole Szabo: or call 615-390-9824

Referring Professionals

  •  The admissions process starts with a phone call in order to gather information regarding your client. We value your collaboration and also ask to speak with potential resident’s guardian to complete a 10 minute phone interview to determine appropriateness.
  • We will review insurance and have a financial discussion with the guardians about your client’s stay.
  • We are generally able to schedule an admission appointment within 24-72 hours of the first initial call.
  • We are able to assist families that may need a transportation service in order to have their son admitted with us. We just ask that your client arrive on our campus before 3pm CST.
  • We look forward to working with you and can provide weekly updates while your client is with us during their treatment stay.