celebrate recovery month

Recovery Month at ARCH Academy

Many people grappling with mental and behavioral health problems don’t get the help they need, either because they aren’t sure where to turn or they’re unwilling to confront the emotional issues associated with illnesses like substance use and depression. National Recovery Month honors everyone who has broken the self-destructive cycle and spreads the hopeful message that healing is possible. 

The History of National Recovery Month

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration launched National Recovery Month in 1989 to increase public awareness surrounding mental health and addiction recovery. The organization wanted to provide an opportunity to highlight success stories and provide positive examples of how people have improved their overall wellness and turned their lives around by following evidence-based treatment programs. 

Throughout September, treatment centers like ARCH Academy offer various activities and engagement opportunities to share the news about National Recovery Month. Everyone is welcome to get involved in creating an environment that empowers people to seek and receive life-changing treatment.  

What’s the Value of Recovery Month? 

So-called “deaths of despair” from drug overdoses and suicide have skyrocketed in recent years. In Tennessee, we face some of the highest addiction and overdose numbers in the country. 

The nationwide drug epidemic remains a public health crisis, disproportionately impacting already marginalized communities like people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. Addiction has impacted so many Americans’ lives, but recovery is within reach.

National Recovery Month brings together thousands of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programs around the country to celebrate one another. Many organizations host special events and activities that allow people to share their success stories. 

How We’re Observing Recovery Month

In honor of Recovery Month, ARCH Academy’s staff will present to AT&T. This presentation has the potential to reach up to 12,000 people nationally and internationally. We are also sponsoring a Quintenn Clark Foundation fundraiser to support those who need treatment.  

Combining Recovery, Academics and Adventure

If your family is struggling with the effects of teen substance use, don’t give up. Let National Recovery Month inspire you to reach out and request help. At ARCH Academy, we provide treatment designed specifically for adolescent boys aged 14 to 17. Addressing addiction in this formative stage of life is essential to build a foundation for lasting sobriety. 

We teach young men how to grow confidently into adulthood with comprehensive programming that also deals with issues like co-occurring mental health concerns, family difficulties, relational barriers and low academic confidence. Since our facility is also an accredited private school, you can rest assured that your son will be able to seamlessly continue his education during his time with us. To learn more about what we provide, please contact us today.