Bullying Prevention Month


Bullying is a pervasive problem in schools nationwide. About 19% of students in grades 9 through 12 reported experiencing bullying in various on-campus locations, while more than 15% said they had been targets of online or text-based harassment or threats.  The effects of bullying in adolescence can be widespread and persist into adulthood, including social […]

Understanding the Shame Cycle

shame cycle

Everyone has experienced shame at least once in their life. Perhaps you remember being victimized by childhood bullies who taunted you with an embarrassing nickname. Or, maybe a friend or colleague caught you lying about something. In any case, you can probably recall in minute detail how small and inadequate those experiences made you feel. […]

My Son Self-Harms. What Can I Do?

self harm in teen boys

Most people have occasional moments of letting emotion override the self-protection instinct. You’ve experienced this if you’ve ever kicked something harder than your foot. But some people hurt themselves deliberately and regularly, and that causes worse problems than a temporary limp. This practice is called self-harm. This behavior, also called self-injury or self-mutilation, typically co-occurs […]