Fostering Mental Wellness in Teens

teen mental wellness

Beyond the typical moodiness and angst that characterize adolescence, many teens are vulnerable to developing disorders like depression and anxiety. Due to factors like isolation, social media use, stress and bullying, adolescent mental health has rapidly become one of the foremost challenges in American culture. As we observe World Teen Mental Wellness Day on March […]

Teen Suicide Rates

teen suicide rates

Adolescent and young adult mental health challenges are a growing public health concern. Teen suicide rates among young people have increased over the past decade, reaching the level of a nationwide crisis. This National Suicide Prevention Month, what should you know about this problem, and how can you keep your teen son safe? Teenage Suicide […]

Why Is My Teenage Son So Angry?

why is my teenage son so angry

Because adolescents experience so many rapid changes and face significant life decisions, their emotions can be especially volatile. As a parent, you have likely been a target of your son’s anger more than you’d like and wondered about the source of this hostility. Healthy vs. Unhealthy Anger in Teens Anger and irritability may sometimes be […]

How to Motivate a Teenager With Depression

how to motivate a teenager with depression

Adolescence is a sensitive time characterized by rapid physical and mental changes. Many of these experiences can be confusing or distressing for teens who don’t entirely understand what their brains and bodies are going through. If your son seems unusually apathetic or unmotivated, you may wonder if it’s typical teen moodiness or something more severe. […]

Does My Child Need Counseling Quiz

child counseling

While almost anyone can benefit from working with a trained therapist, you might be surprised by the idea that your teen could be having a tough time. However, a therapist who specializes in the unique needs of teens and adolescents can help a young person with their mental and behavioral health. Here are some questions […]

LGBTQ Bullying Statistics

lgbtq bullying

While society has made some progress in being more tolerant and accepting of the LGBTQ community, this segment of the population is uniquely vulnerable to discrimination, abuse and bullying – especially during the turbulent teen years. In their most recent National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health, the Trevor Project reported that 52% of LGBTQ […]

How to Help a Teenager With Social Anxiety

social anxiety teen

Alongside the hormonal and emotional changes that accompany puberty, many teenagers develop social anxiety between the ages of 11 and 19. Social anxiety goes beyond mere shyness and introversion. It is a mental health disorder that can significantly interfere with someone’s quality of life. People with social phobia feel overwhelming stress in everyday situations where […]

Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

social media

The internet has broadened humanity’s reach in a way previous generations could only dream of, connecting people worldwide with shared experiences and new forms of self-expression. This sense of being part of something larger is especially vital for teens who are discovering their identities and learning how to communicate with others. Since teen socialization in […]

Ropes Course for Confidence Building

adventure therapy

Self-confidence is an essential ingredient in life, but it can be hard to come by in the teen years. Teens are susceptible to insecurities and peer pressure – a combination that can lead them to experiment with risky behaviors such as substance use. If your son is jeopardizing his future with drugs and alcohol, an […]

What to Do When School Counseling Isn’t Enough

school counseling not working

He’s in School Counseling. Why Isn’t It Working? Public and private school counseling services address substance abuse on a mostly preventative level; their resources in its treatment are limited. Because this training is not included in the curriculum to work at a school, we must ask several questions about whether this level of counseling is […]