What Is the Number One Drug Used by Teens?

teen drug abuse

Teen drug abuse and addiction remain a prevalent problem in the U.S., despite growing awareness among parents, teachers, coaches and clergy. Adolescents might experiment with drugs for many reasons, from simple curiosity to peer pressure to a desire to sweep problems under the rug. Teenagers can also turn to drugs if addiction and mental health […]

Effects of Childhood Trauma on Brain Development

Trauma and Brain Development

Children are constantly learning and taking in new information that affects their brain function. Just as positive experiences can impact a child’s perception of a situation, so do negative ones. As young people grow, the challenges they face can alter how they respond to future situations. Specifically, childhood trauma often influences brain development, resulting in […]

5 Signs of Mental Illness in Teens

mental illness in teen

Teens are in a constant state of change as a result of rising hormone levels and life stressors. As a result, it’s sometimes difficult to identify worrisome signs in your teenage son’s behavior. As your adolescent is going through this stage of life and developing their sense of self, there are some indications you can […]

Your Teen’s Illness Is Not Your Fault

your teen's illness is not your fault

After the heartbreaking realization that your teenager has a problem with alcohol or drugs, your initial reaction might be to blame yourself. Seeing someone so young struggle with substance abuse can make you wonder, “How could this happen to our family?” The first thing you should know is that addiction is a disease, and the […]

What Do I Need to Know About Teenage Drinking?

With 29% of high school students admitting they have consumed alcohol in the last 30 days, according to the CDC, parents are rightfully concerned about the effects this drinking will have on their teens. Underage drinking poses both health and safety risks for teens, but understanding the dangers of this practice can help inform conversations […]

Is It Legal for a Minor to Drink Alcohol at Home?

consequences of underaged drinking

Many American adults and teens view alcohol as a rite of passage – a view fueled, in part, by movies that depict high school and college as nonstop opportunities to socialize and have fun without serious consequences. However, underaged drinking is dangerous, even with adult supervision, and can lead adolescents to make irresponsible decisions that […]

How to Get Your Teenager Out of Their Room

teenager in room

As parents of teenagers, we’ve all experienced the stubbornness that adolescence can bring. Whether it’s an argument over decisions your son has made, a disagreement about the time he needs to be home, or dissenting opinions about how he is spending his time, these conversations quickly become a normal fact of life throughout the teenage […]

World Teen Mental Wellness Day

teen mental illness

Today, Wednesday, March 2, is World Teen Mental Wellness Day. This annual observation aims to bring more awareness to the unique mental health challenges teens experience and end the stigma associated with talking openly about issues like anxiety and depression. Here’s how you can do your part to help a teenager in your life. 1. […]

Is Psychosis Permanent? 

psychosis in teens

Psychosis is a mental health symptom that changes the way the brain interprets information. This condition can cause visual, auditory or sensory hallucinations or make people believe delusional, irrational things. Because these phenomena can be terrifying, people experiencing psychotic breaks may hurt themselves or others. While people living with mental illnesses like schizophrenia suffer from […]

How Self-Image Influences Adolescent Alcohol Use


Self-perception and body image are crucial, particularly during the teen years. The rapid changes that occur during puberty can influence how adolescents view themselves and others, with implications for teenagers of all gender identities.  While disordered behavior around eating and exercise is one way for adolescents to attempt to cope with an unrealistic self-image, some […]