Observing Self-Injury Awareness Month

adolescent self-harm

Many adolescents today struggle to cope with the stress of growing up in an uncertain world. Young people who are still emotionally immature are especially vulnerable to peer pressure and media depictions telling them how to look and behave. The things they read or watch online can be especially damaging for teenagers’ mental health, which […]

Fostering Mental Wellness in Teens

teen mental wellness

Beyond the typical moodiness and angst that characterize adolescence, many teens are vulnerable to developing disorders like depression and anxiety. Due to factors like isolation, social media use, stress and bullying, adolescent mental health has rapidly become one of the foremost challenges in American culture. As we observe World Teen Mental Wellness Day on March […]

Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome

sudden sniffing death syndrome

Inhalant Abuse, Whippets and Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome The use of inhalants dates back to the 19th century when nitrous oxide was introduced as an intoxicant. Nitrous oxide was recognized for its euphoric mental and physical effects on those who inhaled it. This led to recreational use within upper-class society and later contributed to the […]

Accidentally Enabling During the Holidays

holiday enabling

The holiday season is a time for family and friends to celebrate together. While most people look forward to the holidays all year, substance abuse can complicate things for everyone involved. Out of love and well-meaning intent, you might attempt to support someone with an active addiction, but instead, you could accidentally encourage them by […]

Social Media Addiction Among Teen Boys

social media addiction

Social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok appeal to teenagers and adults alike. They provide a nearly endless stream of information and entertainment about every imaginable topic, while keeping people connected to each other and exposing them to new ideas. However, there is a dark side of excessive internet use – the possibility of addiction. […]

Stop Enabling Your Teenager

stop enabling

Most of us are familiar with the concept of a “lawnmower parent” – someone who clears the path in front of their child, shielding them from disappointments or adversity. While you may feel this parenting style is the best way to show how much you care about your son and want him to succeed in […]

How Internet Use Affects Teenage Boys

internet safety for teens

Today’s teenagers grow up surrounded by technology and take the internet and social media for granted. This constant exposure can affect their self-esteem and give them unrealistic perceptions about how the world works. Since adolescents are less likely to be skeptical of information they see online, parents must understand the potential risks and benefits of […]

Teen Suicide Rates

teen suicide rates

Adolescent and young adult mental health challenges are a growing public health concern. Teen suicide rates among young people have increased over the past decade, reaching the level of a nationwide crisis. This National Suicide Prevention Month, what should you know about this problem, and how can you keep your teen son safe? Teenage Suicide […]

What Is the Number One Drug Used by Teens?

teen drug abuse

Teen drug abuse and addiction remain a prevalent problem in the U.S., despite growing awareness among parents, teachers, coaches and clergy. Adolescents might experiment with drugs for many reasons, from simple curiosity to peer pressure to a desire to sweep problems under the rug. Teenagers can also turn to drugs if addiction and mental health […]

Effects of Childhood Trauma on Brain Development

Trauma and Brain Development

Children are constantly learning and taking in new information that affects their brain function. Just as positive experiences can impact a child’s perception of a situation, so do negative ones. As young people grow, the challenges they face can alter how they respond to future situations. Specifically, childhood trauma often influences brain development, resulting in […]