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Teens Build Social Skills at Alternative Schools

Teens today have fewer opportunities to socialize than previous generations. Young people who primarily interact with the world through a phone or laptop screen may have superficial connections with their peers, leaving them more vulnerable to isolation and loneliness. The school closures and shelter-in-place orders associated with the COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated this problem, leading to an increased risk of mental and behavioral health issues.

Teenage Loneliness and Social Isolation

It can be challenging for young adults who struggle with disorders like anxiety, depression and substance use to succeed in a traditional school environment. Many public schools have large class sizes and lack the resources to provide the individualized help troubled teens need. An adolescent who experiences bullying, low self-esteem, social shaming and other forms of emotional distress may start skipping classes to avoid encountering the people who make him feel so bad about himself.

As a parent, you may not know what to do when your son’s academic performance starts slipping or his behavior gets him suspended from school. By providing customized care tailored to his specific needs, an alternative school can provide the necessary support to get back on track.

Benefits of Alternative Schools for Teens

Alternative schools provide a mix of academics and therapy. This specialized approach helps troubled teens learn social skills, overcome challenges and realize their full potential.

Here are five ways an alternative high school can benefit your family.

1. Structure

Alternative schools for troubled teens provide a safe and highly structured environment. At an alternative school, educators address challenging behavior one-on-one, helping teens understand the importance of adhering to rules and social norms.

2. Therapy

At an alternative school, trained professionals have experience in helping teens with mental and behavioral challenges. Unlike at a public school, staffers have the time and training to treat mental health issues like depression, anxiety, trauma and substance use disorders. With consistent therapy, your son will learn communication tools and coping mechanisms for overcoming his challenges.

3. Academics

Once your son arrives at ARCH Academy, our academic coordinator will develop a plan to maximize his educational experience. Upon admission, all students receive a thorough academics needs assessment. Many students improve by a full grade level during their time with us.

4. Adventure

At ARCH Academy, we offer adventure and experiential therapy to allow young men to express themselves in new ways. Through this multisensory approach, teen boys can tap into and address complex emotions, bond with their peers and find healthy hobbies that will last a lifetime.

5. Family Involvement

At ARCH Academy, we encourage your entire family to participate in the treatment process. Through our programming, many families come to terms with the effects of adolescent substance use. These opportunities include individual and group sessions to facilitate the healing process.

Does Your Son Need Alternative School for Addiction Recovery?

At ARCH Academy, our mission is to help adolescent boys turn their lives around. We provide a welcoming, home-like setting where he can prioritize his recovery and academic success. Through a combination of caring clinicians and evidence-based methods, we provide a new path for at-risk youth.

If your son has developed a drinking or drug problem, don’t lose hope. Reach out to us to learn more about your options.