Adventure therapy, otherwise known as experiential therapy, has been shown to greatly benefit adolescents in recovery by breaking down some of the barriers associated with typical treatment. Through an exciting array of activities, teen boys are able to address difficult-to-discuss issues, work with their fellow residents and find healthy hobbies that will last a lifetime.

Adventure at ARCH Academy

Our 177-acre campus provides the ideal setting for adventure therapy that allows youth to address past, present and future issues in non-traditional ways.

Often, young men struggle to express their feelings in a one-on-one therapeutic setting. They may clam up or decline to participate in traditional therapy. By giving teens the chance to experience new, thrilling activities, we find that they are better able to bond with their peers, open up to counselors and learn to enjoy days without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Here are some of ARCH Academy’s on-campus accommodations for experiential therapy:

  • High and low ropes course initiatives
  • Climbing wall
  • Full-size gymnasium
  • Weight and aerobic workout room
  • Music-assisted therapy groups
  • Art therapy groups
  • Full-size disc golf course
  • Walking/running trail equipped with workout stations
  • Fishing the campus pond


Off-Campus Experiences

ARCH Academy also offers a variety of off-campus activities. In addition to attending 12-Step meetings throughout Nashville, it is important that we help our teens integrate with the Middle Tennessee recovery scene in multiple ways.

This level of involvement allows them to put their newly acquired coping skills into action while experiencing recreational activities and giving back to the community. Some examples of off-campus activities include:

  • Laser tag
  • Hiking
  • Going to the movies
  • Golfing
  • Canoeing
  • Going to NFL (Titans football) games
  • Ice skating
  • Attending NHL (Predators hockey) games


Community Service Work

We have found that connection and community are especially beneficial for adolescent recovery. Through service work, residents of ARCH Academy are able to learn more about the people of Nashville, care for their community and find a sense of purpose through volunteerism.

Our community service opportunities include feeding the homeless, planting gardens, maintaining public parks, working with students and more.


Embrace the Adventure of Recovery

If your son has developed a substance use disorder, you may be concerned that he will not willingly participate in treatment. At ARCH Academy, we know how to get through to teens.

Young people in this age group are going through emotional and physical changes, and they are especially susceptible to negative peer influence or deviant behaviors. They may resist approaches that are not customized to their interests or needs.

Because of this, traditional recovery methods should be combined with innovative approaches like adventure therapy. By providing positive alternatives to the “rush” of substance use, young men can find healthier ways to occupy their time.

Contact ARCH Academy today to begin the adventure of recovery. We look forward to speaking with you.

Alumni Testimonial

“It was so encouraging to know that we are not alone. Even though each of our stories is different in terms of how we got to this place, we are all on this same journey of recovery.”