Your son will not fall behind in school if he joins ARCH Academy. We operate a fully accredited private high school with grades 7-12 and include GED prep, credit recovery options and follow up academic placement. Our licensed teacher and principal works closely with the family to provide support and guidance through the process. ARCH Academy proudly celebrates frequent graduations for those who finish high school while in treatment.

Upon arrival, a member of our education department will reach out to your son’s school to coordinate the continuation of his education. There are several scenarios that can be accommodated upon enrollment. For example, a member of our team could facilitate the course work from your son’s current school and then transfer verification of credit or progress back to the school. Or, your son can enroll directly into ARCH Academy and our staff will review previous course work and credits to create an educational plan. If enrolled in the summer months, your son can participate in a credit recovery program in which a plan is created to work towards completing a course he either did not finish or failed.  If he is out of school, the focus will be on academic enrichment activities and community service projects. If it is determined by parents and the treatment team that the pursuit of a traditional high school diploma is not in his best interest, then GED preparation can be provided. All students receive an academics needs assessment upon admission.

ARCH Academy strives to keep your son on track academically, while assuring that the primary focus remains on treating your child’s substance abuse issues. As a result, core curriculum will be priority, meaning there is a chance that completing some elective courses may not be an option.

Parent Feedback:

“Thank you for everything. You really went above and beyond, helping our son.”

“We are very grateful for you in helping our son graduate. We didn’t think this day would ever come.”